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Orla Waters, from Castleknock Dublin, is calling on local people to support Cancer Fund for Children’s plans to build a new therapeutic short break centre for families facing childhood cancer in Ireland. Orla’s infant daughter Tessa was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma in January 2019.



World Turned Upside Down

“Tessa is our 2 year old daughter, the youngest of four. She has two brothers and a sister. She has been loved and adored from the moment she was born. When she was 14 months old Tessa was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma.

Since then she has endured a lot – induction chemo for 80 days, surgery to remove the primary tumour, stem cell rescue, followed by a stem cell transplant. The worst part of Tessa’s treatment however was that she was in isolation for almost seven weeks and her siblings couldn’t see her.

Tessa then had radiation for three weeks and is in the final phase of her treatment – immunotherapy. She has four cycles of immunotherapy remaining and we hope to finish treatment in April 2020.



Looked After Like VIPS



“Our experience in Cancer Fund for Children’s Daisy Lodge was nothing short of amazing! From the moment we arrived we were looked after like we were VIP’s. Our bedroom was fabulous, the kids were so excited to see all the different playrooms. They really enjoyed all the fun family activities, which included massages and haircuts that were arranged for us and the food was fabulous. We were able to relax, have fun and didn’t have to think about anything for the whole weekend as everything was done for us.

It was truly a magic weekend for us that no amount of money could buy. The staff were there 24/7 for absolutely anything we needed. We had the most amazing time. The kids were asking when they could come back as soon as we were driving out the gates. Daisy Lodge is a very special place that you’d love to see everyone on this cancer journey get to experience.”

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