How Charity Tax Back works

Give again for free…all that’s required is a few moments of your time.

With your help, Cancer Fund for Children can claim a 45% tax refund from Revenue on donations from supporters who give €250 or more in any given year. 

For example, if you pay 12 monthly payments of €21 = €252, that could be worth €365 to Cancer Fund for Children with tax relief.

To enable us to claim this relief, all you need do is complete a simple form that covers any year in which you donate €250+ and the good news is if you fill the form, you will not have to complete it again for 5 years.

Enduring Certificate CHY3 Form

By Completing the CHY3 Form, you are allowing Cancer Fund for Children to claim tax relief on this and any future donations to the charity for a five year period. It is more effective if you complete an Enduring Certificate (CHY3 Form) because it could make your donations over a five-year period tax-effective without the need for any further paperwork. Dowload the CHY3 Form here.

Annual Certificate CHY4 Form

If you prefer to provide a certificate on an annual basis then you can complete the CHY4 form. The CHY4 form allows Cancer Fund for Children to claim tax relief on donations within a financial year. Download the CHY4 Form here.

Once you have completed and signed your form please email it to

For more information from Revenue please click here:

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