Anya’s Story

Anya Dowdall (15) , who lives in Killucan Westmeath with her mum and Dad, Marissa and Thomas, and her sisters Sarah (11) and Louise (6), was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia on the 18th of [...]

April’s Story

April Banks was just two years old when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2015. Since then she has beaten cancer twice, and unfortunately is fighting it again. April’s mum Katie is sharing [...]

Daniel’s Story

Mark and Maria Fagan from Kildare had four children, Pablo, Gavin, Oscar and Daniel. Pablo died when he was just five days old after undergoing lifesaving heart surgery. Then in March 2016 the [...]

Robbie’s Story

“From the moment we heard that our little baby had cancer, life as we knew had changed forever. What was once a very normal, happy life with hopes for the future had turned into a world of fear, [...]

Tessa’s Story

Orla Waters, from Castleknock Dublin, is calling on local people to support Cancer Fund for Children’s plans to build a new therapeutic short break centre for families facing childhood cancer in [...]