Breathing for Relaxation

At Cancer Fund for Children we seek to support families impacted by cancer in the best way that we can. In order to meet the current needs of the families availing of our services we carry out surveys to gather feedback, ensuring that we are providing the relevant resources at that time.

Following on from the success of our ‘Ways of Wellbeing’ Project, the feedback that we received from parents was that this was very helpful in coping with the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis in the family and they would really value more on-demand video resources that could be accessed when they needed a few minutes to be mindful and take time for themselves.

Using this feedback our team of highly skilled therapists at Daisy Lodge have created a series of videos called ‘Breathing for Relaxation’. These feature bitesize breathing techniques that can be carried out by any member of the family, from the comfort of home. Each video is presented by a different member of staff or volunteer and takes just a couple of minutes to complete.

Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment, aware of how your mind and body feel, and acknowledging your thoughts without judgment. Breathing is something the body does automatically. We rarely stop to think about it, but we should. Mindful breathing is thought to reduce anxiety, stress, emotional exhaustion and negative thinking.

So take a deep breath and enjoy…


The Breath of Joy

Spinal Cord Breathing

The Caring Breath

Mindful Breathing

Box Breathing

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